Elise Testone Turning CCU Myrtle Beach Into ‘Idol’ Fans

A former Coastal Carolina University student is catching the attention of millions on television. Elise Testone of Coastal Carolina University is making a name for herself on the hit television show American Idol. The resident of Mount Pleasant, SC has worked her way all the way to the top 6 round where she will compete against some of the most talented singers in America. As people around the world take note of Elise’s incredible voice many alumni of her alma mater near Myrtle Beach have been tuning in to watch her perform.

CCU students and alumni are becoming huge ‘Idol’ fans

The further that Elise Testone has progressed in the televised singing competition known as American Idol, the more students and alumni watch. As Elise Testone takes the stage to sing, thousands of Costal Carolina University faithful tune in to hear her rendition of various Jazz, Soul, Rock, and Funk genre songs.

For the most part Elise sticks to Jazz, Soul, Rock, and Funk songs as these genres represent her. She does not want to sing songs that are popular to win people over. Elise would rather sing songs that speak to her. If you have a connection to Coastal Carolina University be sure to tune into American Idol to support Elise Testone.